Student of the Month Donation @ Hunter Middle School

Thank you so much for the food donation! Everyone raved about the chicken. One family even came for dinner that night, so the student could get more. Our Student of the Month program would not be a success without support from our community. We will be featuring Countryside in our newsletter and Facebook page! You guys are awesome :)

Thanks again,
Michelle A.
Hunter Middle School

"90th Birthday Party"

Thank you so much for Dads 90th Birthday dinner.  Everything was wonderful.  The staff was great and very cordial to all of us.  Dad was so surprised and all of us (30 people) appreciate all who made it a success at Countryside Cafe.

Thank you again.
Brenda W.

"Amazing Wedding Catering"

Marlene, sorry I'm just now getting around to thank you for an amazing wedding reception!!  I am still getting calls and texts about how wonderful everything was.  Several local people told me that they had never been to Countryside before but would definitely go now.  Someone commented that the rolls were hot enough to actually melt the butter which he said never happens. I was told that people went back for seconds, they were too full to eat cake, they had to cancel dinner plans they had made because they knew wedding food was never good.  The out of town people wanted directions so they could visit y'all next time they are in Chattanooga.  They said the green beans and okra were "real" which meant homemade.
Your staff did an awesome job, too.  Thank you, thank you so much for everything!!!!

- Beth R.